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Oracle has announced that both the Java plug-in and Java Web Start will not be present in Java 11. In addition Oracle have changed their support model for Java. See this document describing how to use J42™ for Application Access 9.0 with Java 11

Java 9 and 10

Note that Oracle's Java 9 and 10 are only available as a 64bit program and therefore the Plug-in will only work in Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 if the Advanced Internet Option: "Enable Enhanced Protected Mode" is turned on.

J42 customers who upgrade to Java 9 or 10 may continue to use the Plug-in or may change over to using Java Web Start.

In both cases they are advised to contact their J42 support center for advice. Whatever current production release of J42 they are using, the J42 support center can provide an upgraded version to ensure there are no issues when migrating to Java 9.

If customers have any questions about J42 and Java 9 then they should contact

Welcome to J&B Computing Services - Home of secure dynamic solutions.

Today we are featuring J42™ for Application Access - our solution for the dynamic GUI rendering of your existing legacy systems.

J42™ for Application Access

Taking longer than you expected to rebuild your legacy system ? If only you could replace the user interface and improve the usability of the system then you can keep using your legacy system while you work on your long term strategic goals. Using J42, in a few hours you can transform your system with a value added web based GUI.

Example of dynamic GUI transformation of your legacy screens

J42 for Application Access provides a dynamic rendering of the "green" or "black" screen of the IBM Mainframe, System i (AS/400) or HP Non-Stop Server through a Web browser. Literally without any change to your existing application you can benefit from the "out-of-the-box" dynamic GUI facilities of J42 to provide your end-users with the screen that they never thought they would see when they access their IBM Mainframe, System i (AS/400) or HP Non-Stop Server applications from a Web browser.


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